McCain Far from Straight Talk on Iraq

The good folks over at TPM Election Central have put together what they are calling “The Definitive McCain Iraq Timeline.” The timeline finds many inconsistencies in Senator McCain’s public statements on Iraq.

No matter how many times I watch old video of TV interviews with political figures (largely culled from cable news channels and C-SPAN, edited by motivated citizen journalists and now available on YouTube), I am always amazed when I actually watch the footage. To see all the things people said publicly, edited in rapid montage, really blows my mind sometimes. It makes the inconsistencies stand out that much more.

Jed Lewison of has edited one such piece on McCain’s Iraq inconsistent statements that really stands out. Check it out, particularly if you think that McCain is truly a straight-talker.


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2 responses to “McCain Far from Straight Talk on Iraq

  1. CT

    What’s even more scary are the youtube comments posted below Jed’s video. no wonder the country’s in a mess.

  2. notesandbeats

    imagine if we could see all who post comments on the internet… as much as I think anonymity, I think it’s time to shed some light on who says what.

    people should have to stand behind what they say and show themselves… that begins with using full names when you post comments. I’m sure comments wouldn’t be so vile and uninformed.

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