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Into the New Year

It is 2009. Frightening how fast time moves sometimes. And it only seems to go faster. I have this theory on why time seems to move faster and faster the older we get. Let’s call it the “Fraction of Age” theory, just for fun. The theory is, as follows: When you are seven years old, you experience one year as 1/7 of the time you are alive. But when you 14 years old, you experience one year as 1/14 of the time you are alive. And as such, when you are 26, one year is about 1/26 of the time you are alive. So each year that goes by, you think, “Wow this year went by so quickly — seems faster than last year.” And, according to my theory, it has, at least in terms of your life experience as measured in years. One-seventh is a much larger (in terms of time, “longer”) fraction than 1/14, which is larger (longer) than 1/16 and so on. Think about it. Time accelerates. Speaking of time, have you seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? Just was nominated for 13 Academy Awards. I wonder if my theory would apply to Mr. Button… but have the opposite effect? He is born as an old man, and ages backward, getting younger over his lifetime. So, for him, does each consecutive year seem longer than the last year. Of course, one could argue that if we’re talking about life experience — years spent alive — he would be no different than any of us, he just physically ages younger. And then I remind myself it’s just a movie. But a good one. I recommend it (if you don’t mind slow movies — it clocks in at about two hours and 45 minutes).

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